How to Add FTP Users

We suggest adding a new FTP user to your hosting account when using our service. This way, should you ever decide to cancel our services down the road, you can simply delete the new FTP user to ensure our system will no longer have any access to your web hosting account and you will not be interfering with access from any other FTP users.

Please select your web host below to view instructions on adding a new FTP user.

Blue Host, Dreamhost, GoDaddy, HostGator

Blue Host

  1. Login to your Bluehost cPanel
  2. Choose FTP Accounts
    • Note: While the username will be created using your Main Domain, you may use any of your domain names instead.

      Example: If I created the username "" and I wanted to create an FTP account for I would enter the following:

      Then in my FTP client I would enter the following:
  3. Enter a "Login": username
  4. Enter the Password as needed
  5. For the directory, enter "/" - this will give full access to all the hosting files which is important to be sure you will be able to edit all of your website pages.



  1. Log in to the Account Control Panel. Select the Users tab, and click on the Users link:
  2. Click on the link labeled Add New User
  3. Fill in the requested user information (name, password, etc.)
  4. If you have already used all of the users that come with your plan, you will have to add a new user as an add-on service. Do this by clicking on the Add Services link. See the article in the "Related Links" column to the left of this window for complete instructions for adding a new service.



  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Click Web Hosting.
  3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch.
  4. Click FTP Users.
  5. Click Add FTP User.
  6. Enter the User Name and Password for the new FTP account.
  7. Select the Path to use for this FTP user. This limits the new user's access to directories in your hosting account. There are three primary options:
    • Enter the subdirectory you want to use.
    • Use the root level directory, which provides access to your entire hosting account.
    • Create a directory using the new FTP user name.
  8. Click Save.

FTP users take up to one hour to become active.


  1. Login to cPanel and go to the Files section.
  2. Optional step: If you are using the X theme, click FTP Manager.
  3. Click FTP Accounts.
  4. Optional step: If you are using the X theme, click Add FTP Account.
  5. To the right of "Login:", type the name of the FTP user. Please note, a full FTP user name will always be formatted as user@primarydomain.tld. You cannot create an FTP account without your domain name in it, regardless of the publish destination.
  6. To the right of "Password:", please provide a password which will be used to authenticate this FTP account.
  7. To the right of "Quota", please provide the maximum amount of bandwidth this FTP user may use. Please note, if you leave the quota at unlimited, then the FTP user will have the ability to use the total amount of bandwidth for the cPanel account.
  8. To the right of "Directory: /", cPanel will guess the directory you want; however, it is usually wrong. This is because cPanel will guess the directory name is exactly the same as the FTP username, but that normally is not the case. So, I recommend erasing everything after "public_html/".
  9. To the right of "Directory: /public_html/", please provide a directory for which you would like the user to access.
  10. This is the step where you determine the level of access. Whatever directory you specify, the FTP user will not be able to navigate outside of that folder. However, they will be able to access all files and subfolders inside that folder.
  11. Click Create

You have now just set up an FTP account.


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